Lean Portfolio Management

            SAFe® Lean Portfolio


                Focus and align productivity to strategic goals

Speed, quality, and productivity are worthy goals for any organization. Yet it’s only when applied with strategic focus and alignment that transformative results can be achieved. SAFe® helps align portfolio execution to the enterprise strategy, by organizing Agile development around the flow of value through one or more value streams. It enables business agility by applying the principles and practices of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM).

       In order to maintain alignment, while preserving empowerment and
       decentralized decision making, three key collaborations must be
       enabled across the portfolio:

                      Strategy and investment funding
                      Lean governance
                      Agile portfolio operations
Together these three collaborations provide a leaner, and more Agile, governance model that helps each portfolio in the enterprise achieve its larger business objectives.

Who will Benefit?

  • Executive sponsors and Business Owners
  • Finance and Accounting leaders
  • Agile Program Management Office (PMO) and Lean–Agile Center of Excellence (LACE)
  • Change agents and Certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs)


  • All participants have attended Implementing SAFe or Leading SAFe
  • Completion of a Value Stream Workshop for the target portfolio

What you will learn and accomplish

  • Identifying strategic themes that provide the differentiation needed by the portfolio to achieve the desired future state
  • Forecasting, and dynamically funding value streams to adjust for changing priorities
  • Identifying portfolio epics and managing their flow using the portfolio Kanban system
  • Coordinating epic delivery across value streams
  • Supporting an Agile PMO, LACE, and Communities of Practice (CoP) to facilitate sustaining and improving the SAFe transformation
  • Measuring portfolio performance using Lean approaches
  • Coordinating continuous compliance

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